THE PROPERTY OF THE SPOUSES must be determined as separate and community in order to be able to correctly divide it. Property division often involves ownership and investments in sole proprietorships, corporations, limited liability companies, or jointly in partnerships or real estate and often invokes the need for experts in various fields to review, analyze and determine the true value of businesses and investments by way of assuring a true accounting of assets by all parties – crucial when dividing the property of the parties.

Tracing and determining the percentage ownership of each party in personal property, investments, real property and the retirement benefits the spouses acquired during the marriage is necessary to properly apportion the property between spouses, and to be able to preserve the separate property of each.

The McCrory Law Firm will engage a team of financial experts to assist when necessary, to be certain you will be able to know everything about the size, nature and location of the parties’ marital estates to assure you the best outcome in your property division negotiations and at trial.

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