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We have been protecting and enforcing our client’s legal rights for over 25 years. We concentrate our litigation focus in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death, business law, and probate, trusts, guardianships and real estate. These areas of law so often intersect that they are a natural and complimentary integration of one another. Knowledge and experience in all these areas of law give us a distinct advantage in identifying the global issues involved, beyond just the immediate problem, and in obtaining the best outcome with consideration of all interconnected pieces. For example, personal injury or death more than likely affect businesses (sole proprietors, partnerships, companies) and result in stock fights, disputes over buyout agreements, employment benefits, insurance and other contentious business agreements. Death, often brings about disagreements over division of assets, who should serve as executor or administrator of the deceased’s estate in probate matters. Key members of businesses are often affected by ownership, buyout agreements and benefits. Thus, it often affects partnerships and companies.

Unfortunately, betrayal, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, ERISA retirement benefits and key executive and individual insurance policies, breach of contract, partnership violations and many other types of matters are present whenever money is involved. We have assisted our clients in recoveries of sums due them or their loved ones in all these types of claims and many more involved in business. Real estate is often a part of a business’ assets and a couple’s estate. When this is owned jointly, or multiple parties are claiming an interest in it, this can lead to legal disputes in business, probate and situations. Experience in all those areas is a definite plus.

Businesses, large and small, may suffer from the death of a key executive or employee and need to settle up with a deceased’s estate, former spouse or surviving heirs on numerous issues including ownership, assets, benefits. Again, experience in these areas can be essential.

Thorough preparation of your case for trial often leads to settlement. See why we hold the highest rating (AV) given by Martindale-Hubbell, the oldest and most prestigious peer rating service for ability and integrity.




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