The McCrory Law Firm has successfully represented people and companies in their real estate litigation and related matters for over 25 years including the following types of cases:

  • Building/Construction (Texas Residential Construction Liability Act)
  • Contracts and Promissory Notes
  • Corporations and Partnerships
  • Deceptive Trade Practice
  • Failure to Release Real Estate Liens
  • Fiduciary Duty Breach (by a partner, trustee, executor, bank)
  • Foreclosure (wrongful)
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation
  • Injunction
  • Insurance
  • Interference with Insurance Claims or Payments
  • Securities’ Violations
  • Warranties
  • Wrongful Foreclosure of Real Estate
  • Wrongful Interference with a Contract or Prospective Business Relationship

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Real Estate is one area that touches most people at some point during their lives; whether it be the purchase or sale of a home, the purchase of an office building, a corporate lease, an investment alone or through a partnership or perhaps with another person. The McCrory Law Firm has been there for our clients in all of these situations. We have recovered substantial sums of money for persons who have been defrauded in their real estate dealings. We have assisted others in dissolving partnerships involving real estate ownership, recovering our investors’ monies from the offending partners.

Constructing a new home or adding a home addition can give rise to disputes between homeowners and the builders. We can help contractors and homeowners work through the maze of applicable laws of the Residential Construction Liability Act (RCLA) and the Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act and their notices, deadlines and other requirements necessary to protect and limit damages or to maximize and assert legitimate claims.

McCrory Law Firm has successfully set aside foreclosure sales wrongfully conducted, recovering title to a single person’s home. Provided guidance in lawsuits to limit builders’ exposure and restrict the types of damages recoverable against them. Recovered investors’ monies from unscrupulous general partners, sending one to prison, in real estate ventures. We have sued for and obtained partitions (division) of real estate between partners and heirs. We have walked others through the contract and closing process involving the purchase and sale of real estate.

We have successfully defended homeowners and real estate agents wrongfully sued. McCrory Law Firm has defended against a city injunction attempting to prevent a client from using city leased property.


The McCrory Law Firm has successfully navigated clients through all of these claims. We will confer with you or your business and find a solution to whatever problem you have encountered whether that may be learning your legal rights and obligations and/or bringing or defending a lawsuit.

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