When death comes to a loved one, the McCrory Law Firm will explain in simple terms the law in Texas and help you understand whether your case will require anything to be done in order to pass title to assets of the deceased on to family members or beneficiaries and whether administration is necessary or desirable to eliminate or limit debts.

We will provide you with a free initial conference to determine how best we can assist you to resolve issues of debts and assets of the deceased loved one. It may be that no action is necessary. The needs and assets of each estate will dictate the procedure(s) available to you. If probate of a will or administration of the estate is required or desirable, the McCrory Law Firm will assist you in getting the estate settled with the least cost and in an expeditious manner commensurate with your objectives.

We also assist when there is a contest over a will or the appointment of a person to be the Executor or Administrator.


The McCrory Law Firm will assist you and represent your interests if you are a beneficiary under a will or trust or heir at law of an estate. We can advise you when you have the right to seek appointment as administrator or executor of the deceased’s estate and when it is advisable to have an administration. And, we can advise you on whether you should contest a doubtful will adversely affecting your rights and interests in the estate of a deceased. We can help children of a deceased adopted or left out of a will to establish their rightful claim under the estate of a deceased.

The McCrory Law Firm also has the experience to determine whether there might be other claims which you or the estate may have and should bring against others. These may include wrongful death and survival actions against a third-party responsible for the resulting death of your loved one.


We will assist you when it becomes necessary to obtain a guardian for a minor or disabled adult. Generally regarded as cumbersome and costly, a guardianship sometimes offers the only viable alternative available to help those unable to care for themselves or their affairs or to deal with unattended minors. We can assist your evaluation of the need and desirability for a guardianship.

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