The McCrory Law Firm has been representing people just like you and your loved ones who were victims of personal injury and wrongful death through the negligence of others and helped them recover the sums to which they were entitled for their losses or those of a loved one for over 25 years.

Examples include:

  • a police officer killed when he fell down a public parking elevator shaft,
  • a father killed when his tractor rolled over on top of him in front of his son,
  • a teen daughter shot and killed at shopping center,
  • a man killed on an out of state toll road when rear-ended by another automobile,
  • a man about to be married when he was hit head-on in an automobile collision,
  • a lady injured when her automobile was struck from the side by a church bus,
  • a lady who broke her hip when she fell in a mopped area of a grocery store,
  • a child struck by a vehicle in the alley behind his home,
  • a customer shot while entering a restaurant, among many others.

We have earned our reputation in the legal profession for our ability, integrity, aggressiveness and professionalism. This has earned us the AV rating of Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review, the oldest and most respected rating system, for over 20 consecutive years.


  • Brain
  • Spine
  • Bones
  • Joints
  • Muscles
  • Neurological

No matter what the type of injury, if it was brought on by a negligent action or omission by another person or entity, we can probably help you.


  • Collisions
  • Premises Condition (Stores, Restaurants, Parking, Hospitals)
  • Elevators
  • Electric Doors
  • Falling Objects
  • Slip & Fall
  • Inadequate Security Work

No matter what the cause of the injury, if it was brought on by a negligent action or omission by another person or entity, we can probably help you.


At the McCrory Law Firm we give our clients and the matters they entrust to us the attention and time they deserve. We have been providing our clients with successful results with our aggressive legal representation for over 25 years. We will do the same for you.


We would like to assist you with your personal injury and wrongful death case. We will bring over 25 years of legal experience and resources to your side of the issue backed by our team of medical, vocational, economic, engineering and reconstruction consultants. We have successfully obtained recovery for victims or their families injured or killed at home and work and while shopping, driving, walking, eating and enjoying entertainment. Put us to work for you.

With our team of medical, vocational, economic, engineering and other experts in the fields related to your case, we will prepare your case for trial with an attention to detail that increases the likelihood of reaching a winning result and, thereby, provide the best opportunity for reaching a successful settlement of your claim. You will receive fair compensation by settlement of your claim or we will not hesitate to take your claim to trial. *

Call or email and let us help you with your case! Free initial consultation! No fee unless we collect.

We get results!


*  NOTE: Your recovery will depend on the facts and law of your case. Prior recoveries are not an indication of future recoveries. Each case must be evaluated on it’s own merits and will depend on numerous factors including apportioned responsibility; the severity and nature of the injury; the prognosis; whether the injury results in permanent or temporary disabilities; whether and severity of any physical disfigurement is temporary or permanent; the type of medical treatment received; whether future medical treatment needed and it’s nature and duration; cost of current and future medical bills; the extent of the emotional trauma; loss of earning capacity and the amount; and the length of time needed to heal, among others.

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