The McCrory Law Firm has represented companies and individuals in numerous types of matters including those who were victims of unlawful contract interference, fraud, and other torts and helped them recover their losses. We have recovered damages for our clients (companies and individuals) that resulted from breach of contract, failed business and contractual relationships, converted investments, employee theft and forged checks. Our experience includes lawsuits on behalf of and against banks, executors, partners, heirs, employers, employees, individuals and companies . We have represented still others with partitioning (dividing) jointly owned real estate, recovering losses from partnerships and recovering investments lost by fraud and conversion (sending perpetrators to prison in some cases). We have provided counsel and litigation representation for employees wrongfully terminated from their employment recovering their damages and substantially reduced the obligation owed by another.


The McCrory Law Firm has successfully represented numerous companies and persons in their business litigation and related matters for over 25 years including the following types of cases:

  • Banking
  • Building (Residential Construction Liability Act)
  • Contracts and Promissory Notes
  • Corporations and Partnerships
  • Deceptive Trade Practice
  • Defamation (Libel, Slander) & Disparagement
  • Employment Benefits
  • ERISA Beneficiary Designation of Former Spouse (Failure to Change Life Insurance, Benefits)
  • Failure to Release Real Estate Liens
  • Fiduciary Duty Breach (by a partner, trustee, executor, bank)
  • Fraud and Misrepresentation
  • Injunction
  • Insurance
  • Interference with Insurance Claims or Payments
  • Real Estate
  • Securities’ Violations
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Warranties
  • Wrongful Employment Termination with written contract
  • Wrongful Foreclosure of Real Estate
  • Wrongful Interference with a Contract or Prospective Business Relationship

Virtually everything we do in our daily lives creates some type of a relationship. Different relationships give rise to different duties by reason of the relationship or contract creating it. Employment, sales, purchases, banking, partnerships, corporations, securities, leases, real estate, licensing agreements, insurance, competitors, former employees, former employers, accountants, attorneys and investments are but a few examples of the relationships formed and terminated on a daily basis.

Persons and companies doing business together create relationships whether by express contract or by operation of law. In turn, those relationships each have duties. When the actions or omissions of one side or the other, intentionally or accidentally, damages or threatens to damage the other economically this gives rise to a potential legal claim. Depending upon the nature and immediacy of that harm the injured party may be entitled to monetary compensation, injunctive and/or other equitable relief.

Each of these relationships gives rise to the need for legal counsel on bothsides of that relationship. The need is there to assist the person or company in their business dealings to prevent inadvertent violation of law, minimize the damage or injury to others when it is necessary to terminate that relationship, or prevent others from benefiting unfairly by their actions. Similarly, when a person or company has been sued or threatened with a lawsuit, legal counsel and/or representation is necessary to minimize harm to the company or person sued and, perhaps, seek affirmative relief back against the aggressive party.


The McCrory Law Firm was able to assist a woman who moved to Dallas and then was terminated after one day on the job in recovering her moving expenses, lost pay, and mental anguish damages. We represented a securities broker fired after receiving a bonus keep the majority of it. We have prevented recovery in a lawsuit by a corporate officer against our client, a fellow officer and director. We have made a partner pay back money he siphoned from a partnership. Recovery for minor beneficiaries on contested ERISA life insurance policies involving hundreds of thousands of dollars was obtained without necessity of a trial, including the agreed resignation/refusal to serve by a major bank named Trustee under a will and the appointment of a new bank as Trustee. We have represented companies against DTPA (Deceptive Trade Practice) claims. We brought suits against co-partners of businesses for recovery of monies embezzled or taken by fraud. We have defended builders against wrongful claims by homeowners and brought lawsuits on behalf of builders for contract breaches.

McCrory Law Firm has obtained a settlement from a bank for paying out a company’s monies to an employee who embezzled money . We have recovered monies stolen from persons believing they were investing in oil and real estate ventures, some by trial and others by settlement. We have also recovered monies for companies and a veterinarian for breaches of contracts. Results are fact specific and are not indicative of future results.

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